Raymond Chan Wine Reviews 2011

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RAYMOND CHAN – respected wine judge and authority on wine in New Zealand   http://www.raymondchanwinereviews.co.nz/has given us a real boost following publication of his remarks and scores across our portfolio of wines where he has rated all our wines at between 17.5/20 and 18.5/20. He also said “I thought the quality of the range very high”, and that echoes the comments of many of our visitors. We feel our long commitment to quality care in both vineyard and winemaking is paying off.

Bald Hills ‘Single Vineyard’ Central Otago Pinot Noir 2009


Bald Hills ‘Pigeon Rocks’ Central Otago Pinot Gris 2009


Bald Hills ‘3 Acres’ Central Otago Pinot Noir 2009


Bald Hills ‘Last Light’ Central Otago Riesling 2009


In the vineyard the cycle continues as with all farming. Winterizing has been completed with the shutting down and maintenance of the irrigation and fertigation plant. Water has been drained from all pipes to protect them from the hard frosts which are almost upon us. Mother Nature however has decided to keep us all “clean and green” down here, with regular showers of rain.  Mowing therefor continues around both vineyards and homestead for the time being.

Pruning is well underway.Tony Lingard, upon our Viticulturist’s advice, is taking a large area of Clone 5 back to cane pruning.Tony is one of those rare vineyard workers who prefers to work alone and he will cover the Bald Hills plantings single-handed!  A treasure indeed.

The good life at Bald Hills! In the garden we are still picking masses of herbs (parsley,thyme,rosemary,chives,bay leaves,marjoram,French tarragon and so on) as well as baby onions, clustered shallots, pumpkin, celery and brussels sprouts from a hardy self-sown plant.  Huge tidy-up last weekend in readiness for brassicas, onions, strawberries, broad beans. Made piles of “future” compost from green waste with dry leaves chook droppings and blood and bone. Trees and shrubs have grown so prolifically this year that we are having to thin some of them out. Apples are fully ripe and unblemished with not a sign of codlin moth after wrapping the trunks with a sticky organic trap to deter the crawlers.

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