Being Naive Helps in the World of Wine

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Funny how things turn out and what you learn along the way and funny too how fortune favours the brave.

Being very much in awe of vineyards, wineries, winemakers and viticulturists and not wanting to make a mistake due to our inexperience in this field we employed the best winemaker and the best viticulturist in Central Otago at the time. We wanted the wines to be good – very good – partly because we knew if we fell on hard times we would have to drink it ourselves or give it away to long-suffering friends. So we were brave, hired the best, and started entering competitions!

Lo! our very first vintage the Bald Hills Pinot Noir 2002 took GOLD at the Air NZ Wine Awards. How easy is that?  Piece of cake this competition thing. But it was to be a long time between drinks as the saying goes. People said first vintages often pulled out all stops, as if the vines worried they might never do it again and put on their best show. Maybe that’s true. Maybe joy in this new-found vocation on our parts and our enthusiasm seeped into the wine! Maybe luck had a hand. Whatever. But we are still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed so we must have been doing something right.

Anyway enough about us. Will talk about living in Central Otago next time.