All go on the Bannockburn Vineyard

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On the Vineyard work continues apace!  Blair is doing most of the spraying himself now and will be on the tractor again in a day or so with a magical brew – boron, zinc, seaweed and sulphur. Flowering is underway and fruitset is close.

The “team” have been in for a few days attending to bud-rubbing and shoot thinning and the vineyard is looking a picture.  The hills are purple with wild thyme amidst the green of grass brought on by unusually regular rainfall.

Recent Awards include 90 points for our 09 Last Light Riesling and 91points for our 09 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir from Robert Parker’s experienced taster Lisa Perrotti Brown. The results have been published in the USA’s “Wine Advocate” magazine, considered the bible in that country and highly regarded throughout the wine-drinking world. Anything over 90 is said to be miraculous! We have sent just a pallet of both wines to New York so it will be interesting to see if the demand is there.

The Sydney International Wine Competition has awarded us Blue/Gold Top 100 for our ’09 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir and Blue/Gold for our ’10 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir. Keep an eye on that ’10.  We think it will go places.
The Tasting Room is open again 7 days a week from 11a.m until 5p.m. Have a look at the garden too when you are here and be sure to go all the way around and wander down the paths.

The good life at Bald Hills!  The pullets have started to lay the most divine little brown eggs and they set up such a cacophony after delivery.  The two older hens are still thinking about it. Both of them are frequently clucky and they sit side by side in the nesting boxes with warm undersides and patient expressions to no avail.

We are eating strawberries,”drunken woman” lettuces (can’t resist that name) spinach and florence fennel and a couple of weeks ago we planted 200 red onions and a patch of sweetcorn. A small handful of blood and bone every 8-10 days keeps them all moving.

The roses are looking wonderful.  Today we picked a large bunch of “Lady Hillingdon” for the Tasting Room and another stout little bunch of “Chianti” for the living room plus a wide-mouthed earthenware jar of irises of mixed colours and unknown names.