Bald Hills Vineyard for Sale

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We feel very sad, nostalgic too, to have finally reached the conclusion that good things cannot go on forever and it is time for us to retire from our totally absorbing lifestyle! Time for new young blood and energy to realize the promise of this extraordinary site and take Bald Hills into its next phase.

We bought our Bannockburn, Central Otago property as a bare block of 11.085 hectares in 1997 and the first plantings commenced later that same year and that was 15 years ago!

A digger was brought in to check out the soil profiles in 2-3 places across the site.  The holes were so deep that you dared not get too close to the edge for fear of falling to your death! Beautiful free-draining layers of sandy loams and gravelly schist confirmed what we hoped for – that coupled with an ideal climate, this land was just perfect for growing wine grapes!

Prominent viticulturist Robin Dicey commenced work immediately, contouring the land, laying out the headlands, driving in hundreds and hundreds of posts. There was a starkness and a beauty to their uniform rows. The very sight of the rows, bare though they were, was an exciting and emotional time for us!

Blair and I plotted and planned with the help of experts and over a period of several years pinot noir, pinot gris and riesling vines were planted along with gardens of lawns, trees, hedges and shrubs and a large and comfortable homestead set in the midst of it all.  Success followed success in important wine competitions. It seemed likely that we would never leave the tranquility, privacy and beauty of Bald Hills. All good things do however come to an end!

Sothebys Queenstown ( are marketing this Central Otago Winery.

The following link shows this Central Otago lifestyle property and vineyard