Our 2012 Pinots are Great!

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The Bald Hills Pinot Noirs – the two we make are the 3 Acres and the Single Vineyard- are to be bottled on Friday 22nd March and they are outstanding. The selection for blending had  been chosen at a previous tasting, at which time the grape clones and the  barrels used suggested which would become the 3 Acres and which the Single Vineyard.

Blending completed and the wines cold stabilized and transfered from barrel to tank in readiness for bottling gave the opportunity for us to taste the finished product.  It was very hard to spit rather than swallow but at 10a.m. sadly,  it did not seem appropriate to swallow!

Now we know anyone reading this will be thinking ” here we go, just what you would expect them to say” but in all honesty these wines are shaping up to be the best yet to come out of Bald Hills. In fact we will have the 3 Acres in our Tasting Room within a couple of weeks of bottling and the Single Vineyard not too far behind.