Tales from the Tasting Room: A few unexpected visitors today!

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Friends and Lovers Rose 2013

Four groups arrived at the tasting room today.  One phoned first from Cromwell and the others just arrived out of the blue – or should I say “grey”- it has been bleak, wet and windy at Bannockburn today and many folk find it perfect weather to go wine tasting! Blair gave them all a warm welcome, even though we do not officially open until Friday October 4th. The Friends and Lovers Rosé found favour with the later arrivals, while those who phoned in came specifically for a twelve bottle case of the Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011 and chose to have us send it  directly to their home.

A delightful Auckland couple visiting the South to listen to their teenaged son singing with a group in Dunedin made a fleeting trip to their favourite vineyard in Central Otago, Bald Hills! Blair climbed down from the tractor in the filthiest shorts and boots imaginable and Estelle also dirty (and no make-up!) with her head down in the garden initially pretended not to notice them! What a charming couple they were though – and they managed to charm a mixed dozen of wine out of us before going on their merry way.

The wife was very taken with the subtle fruitiness of the Last Light Riesling and they both enjoyed the 3 Acres Pinot Noir, a lighter and crisper version of traditional Pinot so their choice was for those two wines mostly, with two Rosés and a Pinot Gris for good measure!