Tales from the Tasting Room: A drop of Central Otago Pinot Gris

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Why did we name our Pinot Gris Pigeon Rocks?

Sitting outside enjoying a glass of our Pigeon Rocks Central Otago Pinot Gris this evening, the Pigeon Rocks which adjoin Bald Hills looked especially beautiful.

These rocks are the home to a number of ┬ápigeons which fly out daily for a reconnoitre of the vineyards, in particular flying above our pinot gris plantings and adding to the fertility of the soil and the flavour of the wine as they do so! ┬áTheir prime purpose is probably to scare away hawks hovering near their roosting grounds but we feel sure they take a proprietorial interest in the vines below – from which we harvest our Bald Hills Pigeon Rocks Pinot Gris.

Tasting Room visitors enjoy the sight of a flock protecting both their young ones and their very own vineyard below.

Bald Hills Pigeon Rocks