What is the best way to keep a bottle of wine fresh after opening?

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Is there a gadget out there that actually has succeeded in preserving an open bottle of wine, one that has been sealed with a cork?

Indeed there has according to Greg Lambrecht from the United States who has invented a wine preservation system called Coravin, which allows you to get the wine out of the bottle without removing the cork. Sounds quite amazing!

The Coravin

An engineer by trade, Lambrecht developed Coravin using surgical grade stainless steel coated in high grade Teflon, which pierces the cork and draws up the wine. “It’s a non-coring needle,” says Lambrecht. “That means it doesn’t remove a plug of material from the cork. It pierces it. The needle has a closed, conical pointed tip with holes on the side…The holes allow argon gas to pass into the bottle and, under pressure, wine is drawn up through holes in the needle so that it can be poured into the glass. Once the needle is withdrawn the natural elasticity of the cork means that it expands to fill the gap and keep the closure sound.”

All wine, once the cork is pulled or the screw cap opened is under attack from oxygen and oxidisation will occur within 2-3 days. Refrigeration will slow down this oxidation, but won’t stop it from occurring.

A popular option for screw-capped wine is an oxygen replacement system, or vacuum sealer. However, if you want to keep it really simple and cost effective, you can pour your wine into smaller bottles that allow you to fill them completely, reducing the amount of oxygen in the bottle.

We also came across this little gem!

The Savino

It’s an easy to use wine preservation system that allows you to remove the barrier between wine and oxygen in a specifically designed decanter. Very impressive!






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