Does the size, shape, look of your wine glass actually matter?

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Why exactly are wine glasses shaped in particular ways? Is it actually relevant to the wine? And does it really matter?

The answer is yes! It does matter and even those people who are new to wine drinking or tasting can easily learn to identify the best glass to use.

There are hundreds of styles of wineglasses designed for different purposes and types of wine. But for most wine drinking and wine tasting a few key characteristics can make your choice of wine glasses easy.

When the aroma of the wine is essential to the overall perception of that wine, select a glass with a wider bowl and a flared lip in order to direct the aroma to the nose.

Some wines, however, are better sipped from from tall flute-like glasses.

diff wine glasses

When selecting wine glasses keep the following points in mind:

Choose two different sizes of wineglasses:

Be sure to select larger glasses for red wine and smaller glasses for white wine. Wines that are full-bodied work  best in larger glasses, whereas fruitier lighter wines work best in smaller glasses.

One reason  white wine glasses need to be smaller is that white wine should not warm up too much before it is consumed!

When it comes to red wine glasses and their size the more generous, the better. Allow for the glass to be just 1/3 full. The remainder of the glass  allows the wine to “open up” as the wine comes in contact with the air.


: Choose tulips or flutes for champagne and sparkling wines.

This shape helps keep the bubbles intact for longer and ensures the best flavor and aroma while drinking the sparkling wine.

Choose glasses which are clear in color and do not have any painted or etched decorations. Decorations and coloured glasses may make the glass look prettier, but they detract from the appreciation of the wine inside the glass.

Purchase the best wine glasses that you can afford. The experience as a whole when drinking wine is enhanced by your choice of glass.

While you can find good deals on stemware on the Internet there is no substitute for seeing the glasses first hand to really appreciate their clarity, size, weight and general “feel”.

Wine after all is to be enjoyed.  Cheers!