Why does the shape of your wine glass really matter when tasting wines?

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There are so many different shapes and sizes when it comes to wine glasses so we thought we would simplify things for you just a little. How does a wine glass work when tasting wine and just what is the point of all these variations?

Enjoying the taste of a Bald Hills Pinot Noir

Releasing aromas

Enjoying a fine glass of wine is all about the aromas much like the smell of warm baked bread or freshly ground coffee. Every wine has a different aroma, some pungent, some soft. Having a large glass for your wine increases the overall surface area allowing the wine to release more of its unique aroma. When you swirl you further increase the surface area of the wine, making it much easier to get a strong smell of what you are drinking.

Collecting aromas

The larger the bowl of your wine glass, the more aroma it will collect. White wine glasses typically have a smaller bowl as usually they are served chilled and a large bowl would cause them to warm to quickly.

Thin Lips

We see this in all types of glasses – be it a water mug or a whisky glass. Offering a thinner lip is generally considered to keep the glass ‘out of the way’ of the tasting experience. The thinner the lip, the more pleasant the tasting experience.

So now when you go to your next wine tasting, hopefully here at Bald Hills, you will be a little more in the know!