Food & Wine Pairing Recipe of the Week – Simon Gaults Wild Mushroom Risotto

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Bald Hills Wine and Simon Gaults Mushroom Risotto

We are big big fan’s of Simons food and avid supporters of Euro, his Auckland based restaurant where our wines are sold. We love his authentic twist on New Zealand cuisine and this dish demonstrates this beautifully. There is something so ‘Kiwi’ about collecting wild mushroom on a damp morning, and nothing tastes better cooked… Read more »

Do I drink red wine or do I drink white?

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That is the question. The majority of people have a personal preference on which they most prefer. However there are definitely a few factors that may influence your decision. Here are some of the top reasons to help you decide: When to Drink White Wine White wine is often recommended as an accompaniment to lighter… Read more »

How to pour the perfect glass of wine

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1. Remove the foil from the wine bottle’s neck. This is an often overlooked step in pouring wine, and is not essential. However, some foil covers contain lead, which can leach into the wine in tiny amounts if the wine is allowed to contact it during the pour. Removing the foil cover can also prevent… Read more »

Why do we get headaches from wine?

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Yes, if you drink too much of it you will score for yourself a lovely headache. Why is it however, when you drink some wines you find yourself with a terrible headache, and then when you drink even more of another you have no headache at all? First up lets discuss sulphites. Many people seem… Read more »