Spice up those darker nights with a wine cocktail

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A change in the weather brings on a change in our moods and our taste, so spice it up and embrace the new season! As we transition from summer to autumn we loose those long, lazy late nights, followed by the early sunshine awakening us each morning.  We start to face grey overcast mornings and a… Read more »

Why should you decant your wine?

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Decanting is the process of introducing oxygen to wine to essentially ‘open up’ the wine’s flavours. It’s all about letting your wine breathe!  Exposing the wine to the air releases the characteristics that have been cooped up just waiting to burst out and be enjoyed! It’s important to note that only red wines should be… Read more »

Have you ever wondered how to spot a faulty wine?

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Corked Wine - how do you spot one?

How to spot a faulty wine. To some of the wine loving crowd, spotting a corked wine is a dream come true as they get to stand tall and expose their fine nose and highly developed palate. But is that really the case? Frequently the issue with identifying a faulty wine such as cork taint… Read more »